Who is your coach?

Welcome to the course! Our coaches are Vancity staff with extensive experience in coaching, understanding in values-based businesses and design thinking tools. They are here to support you throughout this course. 

As you post you discussion and work on the Module discussion forums, your coaches will be responding to your particular post. 

The 5 coaches are Emily, David, Anne, Jessica and Brian.  

Group 1 - EMILY - Anna, Sylvie, Devin, Kim C., Mark C., Maya, Nessim, Paul, Joanne and Greg

Group 2- DAVID - Charles, Jennifer, Maura, Parminder, Stephanie, Pat Alexandra, Beverly, Jeanie

Group 3 - ANNE - Farah, Helena, Isabelle, Kerstin, Monika, Nicola, Veronik, Sonya, Sujatha

Group 4 - JESSICA - Angela, David K, Elizabeth, Kathleen, Kim B., Malaika, Carrie, Susan, Jonathan, Dawn

Group 5 - BRIAN - Anitra, Colienne, Hilary, Keith, Lisa, Marc, Ryan, Chelsea

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