Welcome to the Values-Based Business course!

Our communities and our world as a whole are changing, seemingly more rapidly than at any point in history. Uncertainty abounds. How can anyone make an impact when so much is changing? How can we see opportunities where others see threats?

At Vancity, we believe we’ve found a way. As a member-owned, community-based financial co-operative based in British Columbia, Canada, we drive everything we do from our core – our values. It’s an approach that's proven to be an outstanding differentiator, and one that we believe can be applicable to so many other organizations.

Through this ten week course, you’re invited to explore the business opportunities through the lens of your own personal and/or organizational values (as either an entrepreneur or intrapreneur). An entrepreneur is where you may have your own business idea you are looking to develop. As an intrapreneur you may be within an organization but have an entrepreneurial mindset where you are looking to create aligned opportunities within your own organization. 

We share the essence of our journey at Vancity – how we defined our vision and values, leaned into our communities to see opportunities in unmet needs, and how we orient our operations through our values-based lens to achieve the greatest impact. We introduce some of our community partners who we partner and collaborate with to achieve our shared goals.

This is a practical experience. The weekly curriculum will guide you through the course, with the real value coming from your application of the content, which is why we encourage you to lean into your course community, your group cohort, and our coaches, for advice and support. Offering and seeking feedback is critical to finding and developing successful, sustainable and impactful business ideas.

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